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Rekindling New York’s textile innovation with Nextiles

Nextiles, a New York, USA-based textile manufacturing start-up backed by the National Science Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is launching its smart...

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Birmingham CCO

Nanoscale mechanism improves shock absorption

The pressurised insertion of aqueous solutions into water-repellent nanoporous materials, such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks, could help to create high-performance energy-absorbing systems, an international...

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Survey casts doubt on wearables in healthcare

Wearable devices for healthcare assist consumers rather than clinicians, and their shortcomings are significant, according to a new report by Forrester Research based on interviews...

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3D-printed graphene-biopolymer aerogels for water filtration

A new process of three-dimensionally printing graphene aerogels overcomes two key hurdles — scalability and creating a version of the material stable enough for repeated...

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aerogel flower BIG

Is this the decade for aerogels?

The aerogel technology of Aspen Aerogels, developed over the past 20 years and supported by 270 patents, has found significant applications in the fields of...

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self assembly

Creating an ‘antibody factory’ with nanofibres

Bioengineers at Duke University of Durham, North Carolina, USA, have developed a self-assembling nanomaterial that can help limit the damage caused by inflammatory diseases by...

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Improved nanofibre production at KAIST

Centrifugal multispinning, a new nanofibre production technique developed at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), is claimed to achieve up to 300...

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New SmartX projects announced

Following the second SmartX funding call, 10 projects submitted by 21 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 10 European countries have been awarded total grants...

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