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Automotive inroads for Loomia

Loomia Technologies, based in Culver City, California, USA, has partnered with the Global Alliance Automotive to promote the use of soft-circuit technology in the automotive...

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Final projects for SmartX announced

The third and final SmartX funding call has concluded with six projects involving 13 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from eight countries receiving funding, selected...

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Stable inkjet printed circuits for wearables

New inks developed at Imperial College London and the Polytechnic of Milan provide a pathway to wearable devices – health monitors, body warmers, radio frequency...

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F1.large epatch catherer

Electrically activated glue for internal surgery

A team of researchers led by Nanyang Technological University in Singapore has developed a device that offers a quicker and less-invasive way to seal tears...

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Focal vibration for rapid relief from sports injuries

Myovolt, the Christchurch, New Zealand-based pioneer of patented wearable recovery technology, is launching four new products exploiting focal vibration to massage muscles, stimulate blood flow,...

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World patent for shape-shifting, self-powered smart knits

An International Patent entitled Topographically conforming self-fitting garments made of active materials, follows work done by researchers at the University of Minnesota in partnership with...

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Rekindling New York’s textile innovation with Nextiles

Nextiles, a New York, USA-based textile manufacturing start-up backed by the National Science Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is launching its smart...

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Birmingham CCO

Nanoscale mechanism improves shock absorption

The pressurised insertion of aqueous solutions into water-repellent nanoporous materials, such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks, could help to create high-performance energy-absorbing systems, an international...

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Survey casts doubt on wearables in healthcare

Wearable devices for healthcare assist consumers rather than clinicians, and their shortcomings are significant, according to a new report by Forrester Research based on interviews...

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3D-printed graphene-biopolymer aerogels for water filtration

A new process of three-dimensionally printing graphene aerogels overcomes two key hurdles — scalability and creating a version of the material stable enough for repeated...

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