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Solar cell that can bend and soak in water

Researchers from Japan’s Riken Center for Emergent Matter Science (CEMS) and collaborators have developed an organic photovoltaic film that is both waterproof and flexible, which…

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Vollebaks The Firefly Jacket 06

Colour-shifting jacket glows orange by day and yellow-green at night

UK-based outerwear brand Vollebak has launched the Firefly Jacket that changes its hue from copper orange during the day or indoors to yellow-green at night…

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Ultra thin semiconductor fibres turn fabrics into wearable electronics

Ultra-thin semiconductor fibres turn fabrics into wearable electronics

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University Singapore have developed ultra-thin semiconductor fibres that can be woven into fabrics, turning them into smart wearable electronics.

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Sensor Shirt 1000

Warp knitting machine for electrically conductive textiles

German textile machine builder Karl Mayer has delivered an MJ 52/1 S warp knitting machine to Austrian high-tech textiles specialist Grabher Group at its facility in…

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Intelligent sensors prevent skin injuries

Swiss researchers are working on preventing pressure ulcer tissue damage in adults, which involves converting the risk factors of pressure and circulatory disorders into helpful…

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Diaper-embedded urination sensor

Toray Industries has developed a diaper-embedded urination sensor that notifies caregivers when changes are necessary.

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