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Composite material for wound dressings

In many existing multilayer wound dressings, in which the layers are laminated by an adhesive and/or mechanical lamination, the absorbent layers can swell and expand...

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Fibertex Nonwovens invests in North American market

Aiming to capitalise on rising demand for nonwovens, Aalborg, Denmark-based nonwovens producer Fibertex Nonwovens is investing DKK300m (US$48m) to expand capacity and meet the growing...

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Gird compression tensioning garment with cervical collar

A gird compression garment that provides compressive support extending throughout the cervical and thoracic portions of the spine has been developed by James Earl Jackson...

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Conformable, flexible medical dressing

A medical dressing that is highly flexible and conformable over skin, while maintaining strong adhesive securement over extended periods of time, is disclosed by 3M.

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Coronavirus can survive on healthcare uniforms for up to three days

Viruses such as the strain that causes Covid-19 can survive on clothing and transmit to other surfaces for up to 72 hours, scientists at the...

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Prototype graft to replace damaged heart vessels

In a proof-of-concept study, US researchers from North Carolina State University have reported promising preclinical findings for a prototype vascular graft designed as a replacement...

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Smart diaper solution for incontinence

Personal hygiene group Ontex has developed a smart diaper that automatically alerts caregivers when the pad needs to be changed.

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Antiviral fabric claimed to kill Covid-19 virus

Jinan Shengquan Group (SQ Group) in collaboration with Hong Kong’s Nano and Advanced Materials Institute has released the latest research results on a new antiviral,...

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Soft suture anchor of electrospun fibres

A flexible anchor composed of nonwoven electrospun fibres for coupling a suture to a bone has been developed by Zimmer Biomet (formerly Biomet Sports Medicine).

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Bacterial-adsorbing and moisture-holding wound dressing

A major problem in healing wounds associated with high bacterial loads is tissue damage due to the release of toxins and enzymes and the possible...

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