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Intelligent patch for remote monitoring of pregnancy

With the help of novel wearables and smart textiles, researchers in the EU-funded Newlife project aim to enable continuous obstetric monitoring in everyday life.

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Smart patch could improve patients’ sleep

A Danish start-up has developed a new smart sensor for monitoring patients, which is undergoing trials with patients at the Psychiatric Research Unit at the...

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this patch uses nanoma

Patch uses nanomagnets to detect muscle movement through the skin

Using nanomagnets composites and conductive yarn, US scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles have invented a smart textile that can sense and measure...

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Wearable monitor detects stress hormone levels across a full day

Early warning signs of diseases caused by dysfunctional levels of stress hormones could be spotted more easily owing to a new wearable device developed by...

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Abdominal sealant patch with sensor function

To ensure that wounds remain tightly sealed in the abdomen after surgery, researchers at Empa and ETH Zürich in Switzerland have developed a patch with...

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