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Piezoelectric composites for motion sensors

An international research group has engineered a novel, high-strength flexible device by combining piezoelectric composites with unidirectional carbon fibre, an anisotropic material that provides strength…

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reusable PPE

Reusable hospital gowns lower GHG emissions most, finds study

In an effort to identify opportunities for waste reduction and reuse across the health system, the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care led research on…

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OTC solution helps manage malodorous smells from leg ulcers

Cinesteam, a cinnamon-based over-the-counter (OTC) solution developed by Cemag Care can help manage intense and unpleasant wound malodours from leg ulcers.

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Next stage in Cambodian textile waste project

German development agency GIZ and Global Fashion Agenda have outlined the next steps in their initiative designed to restructure the apparel waste sector in Cambodia…

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Benefits of contracting in BiH for foreign companies

The textile sector is one of the traditional industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and one of the main operating models is the so-called “lohn…

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Automobile Awards 2023

Automobile Club honour for Alcantara

Alcantara, a manufacturer of a luxury microfibre fabric alternative to leather, received the Coup de Coeur LR 66 Award at the sixth edition of the…

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Airline to introduce eco-friendly carpets

SriLankan Airlines will become one of the first airlines in South Asia to introduce eco-friendly carpets onboard its aircraft after a successful trial.

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Bulgarian fashion academy’s Golden Pin Awards

As part of the Academy of Fashion’s Golden Pin Awards 2023, the prestigious Designer of the Year award was presented to Radostina Dolapchieva, already a…

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electrode crop

Embroidered textile electrodes for bio-signal monitoring

Textile electrodes, which can be used for bio-signal monitoring as well as electrostimulation, are central for the emerging research field of smart textiles and are…

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Woola packaging material

Estonian wool sustainable packaging maker raises €2.5m

Estonian start-up Woola, which makes sustainable packaging from wool, has raised €2. 5m (US$2. 7m) to work on creating protective packaging to replace plastic.

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Wearable tech firms lands deal with US sports retailer

New Zealand-based wearable technology company Myovolt is poised for growth after sealing a reportedly “seven-figure” non-exclusive deal with sports retailer United Sports Brands that will…

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mtxjan24 fig1

Lymphoedema and surgical wound dressing

A dressing configured to provide radial or semi-radial expansion to a tissue site to increase the flow of fluids in and around the tissue site…

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Lidl to leave Myanmar by 2025

German international discount retailer chain Lidl said it will “gradually withdraw” its clothing production from Myanmar as part of a responsible exit by 2025.

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mtxjan24 fig5

Multi-layer compression bandage system

A multi-layer compression bandage system for treating patients having chronic venous insufficiencies, venous ulcers and related conditions is disclosed by Sandra Muller-White, a wound care…

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Hang Liu e textile lab1

Conductive cotton-based fibre for smart textiles

Researchers at Washington State University have developed a fibre that is said to offer the flexibility of cotton and the electric conductivity of a polymer,…

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yaly 21

Vietnamese fashion collection combines imported and local fabrics

A fashion show with the theme “The Edge of Elegance” was held in Hoi An, Vietnam, on 10 December.

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