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Biocompatible superglue for intestinal wounds

Empa researchers have developed a polymer patch that can be used to stably bond and seal internal injuries to the intestine.

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Giant power factor achieved with nanotube fibres

Invisibly small carbon nanotubes aligned as fibres and sewn into fabrics can become a thermoelectric generator that can turn heat from the sun or other...

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The killer app for smart textiles

Electronic textiles have hundreds of potential end uses, many of which are being explored by different companies around the world.

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Captain Green Solar

Realising the promise of organic photovoltaics

A new, faster way for organic materials to redistribute sunlight energy could enable the next generation of organic solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical...

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Singapore scientists develop chain mail fabric that stiffens on demand

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and the California Institute of Technology have developed a fabric-like material “chain mail” material that is flexible like...

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Customised temperature control with FIR

HEAT (heated electronic active technology), a new start-up company based in Great Falls, Montana, USA, is launching a range of technologically advanced heated base layers...

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MIT Glove

Towards a new sense of touch

Two promising projects in the US are focused on emulating tactility with sensor-based wearables.

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Accurate internal pictures from the surface of the skin

A new soft and stretchy ultrasound patch can be worn on the skin to monitor blood flow through major arteries and veins deep inside a...

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SDK for open access from Nextiles

Nextiles, the New York, USA, start-up combining traditional sewing techniques with printed circuit boards to create smart fabrics, is launching a new software development kit...

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Skin patches 28

Pandemic has boosted electronic skin patch growth

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an acceleration in many of the key trends underpinning the development of the electronic skin patches market, according to...

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Exoskeleton with the comfort of clothing

Wearable robotics start-up Verve Motion, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, has raised US$15m in a Series A funding round.

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Keeping cool at the Olympics

In addition to introducing Team USA’s parade uniform during the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and the Summer Paralympics in July,...

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EQ71 Farben 870

Dye molecules the key to faster energy transfer

When fluorescent dye molecules nestle perfectly together, something completely new is created – an excited state distributed over many molecules.

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Photosynthetic micro-organisms turn clothing into trees

A living and breathing piece of clothing that absorbs carbon dioxide while simultaneously producing oxygen was introduced at Première Vision’s Digital Denim Week 2021 in...

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MIT Skin

Kirigami inspires superior e-skin patch

A new conformable, sensor-embedded patch can monitor someone’s health without malfunctioning or peeling away even when the wearer is perspiring.

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YouCare.Smart.T shirt

ZTE’s YouCare smart shirt powered by 5G

ZTE and its Italian partners introduced the 5G-enabled YouCare smart shirt at the Mobile World Congress 2021 held in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of...

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