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Smart socks help people living with dementia

Smart socks that track rising distress in the wearer could improve the well-being of millions of people with dementia, non-verbal autism and other conditions that...

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Robotic sleeve for lymphoedema treatment

Canadian researchers from the University of Waterloo’s Microfluidics Laboratory and Diesel Biomechanics Laboratory, Breast Rehab and Myant have developed a soft robotic sleeve for the...

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smart diaper for bedsi

Smart diaper for bedside urine testing

Researchers in China have designed a flexible sensor that fits in a diaper, measures multiple components in urine and can share those results over Bluetooth...

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actuator collage

Autonomous knitting creates soft robotic ‘banana fingers’

US scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a rapid design and fabrication tool to create a glove containing soft pneumatic actuators.

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Electronic skin perceives touch from different directions

A German research team from Chemnitz and Dresden has taken a major step forward in the development of sensitive electronic skin (e-skin) with integrated artificial...

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ishara fabric

Scalable methods for making energy-harvesting textiles

A scalable manufacturing technique to create wearable fabrics embedded with small power generators is being used by researchers in the UK and Sri Lanka to...

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3D knitted textile sensor for activity recognition

Using digital flat-bed and circular knitting machines, researchers at the School of Architecture and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have developed seamless and scalable piezo-resistive...

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Sensors integrated in clothing monitor heart rate

With stretchable, bendable smart textiles poised to reshape clothing of all kinds, creating new opportunities for integrating advanced monitoring technologies into everyday items, researchers at...

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Wearable for monitoring prenatal health at home

An estimated 15m babies are born prematurely every year in the EU, posing a significant risk to both maternal and neonatal health.

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3D printing smart clothing with liquid metal-alginate ink

Researchers at Zhejiang University, China, have developed a conductive three-dimensional printing ink made of liquid metal droplets coated with alginate, a polymer derived from algae.

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Fasern blau ohne Massstab

Smart wound dressing with integrated drugs

An electrospun nanofibre dressing that releases an antimicrobial agent in response to the temperatures characteristic of infected wounds is being developed by Swiss researchers Scientists at...

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Smart glove to train young surgeons

A glove is being trialled at Liverpool Hospital that gives surgical trainees instant and accurate feedback.

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development of stretch

Stretchable and printable free-form lithium-ion batteries

A South Korean research team has developed a soft, mechanically deformable and stretchable lithium battery that can be used in the development of wearable devices.

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smart bra

Smart bra device detects early-stage breast cancer

A smart bra device developed in Nigeria with built-in ultrasound technology can detect breast cancer early, potentially saving African women long journeys to access screening...

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design tweak helps pre

Preventing malfunction in yarns designed to store energy

North Carolina State University researchers have found a way to prevent electrical malfunctions in yarns designed to store electrical energy.

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Novel double-helix yarn piezoresistive sensor for pulse monitoring

Textiles woven with yarn are used in remote medical diagnosis with intelligent electronic sensing technology.

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