OTC solution helps manage malodorous smells from leg ulcers

cinesteamCinesteam, a cinnamon-based over-the-counter (OTC) solution developed by Cemag Care can help manage intense and unpleasant wound malodours from leg ulcers.

Even when treated appropriately, leg ulcers can take weeks to heal. The condition can lead to pain, swelling and itching, and can also produce a foul-smelling discharge that comes from the chronic wound. When a leg ulcer becomes infected and generates odours, this can become overwhelming for the patient.

While there are other options to address wound malodour, the unique advantage of Cinesteam is that it is fast-acting, says Dr Clémence Desjardin, director of operations and business development at Cemag Care, a French pharmaceutical company based in Paris.

For the full story, see the January 2024 edition of Medical Textiles.


Photo: Cemag Care