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Thread-like pumps can be woven into clothing

Researchers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland have developed fibre-like pumps that allow high-pressure fluidic circuits to be woven into textiles without...

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Smart elastomeric films aid communication with virtual worlds

Researchers at Saarland University, Germany, are currently developing technology that allows humans and computers to communicate more naturally and more intuitively using highly flexible, ultrathin...

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Smart bandages monitor wounds and provide targeted treatment

A smart bandage developed at the California Institute of Technology could make the treatment of chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers and burns, easier, more...

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Detecting exhaustion with smart sportswear

Researchers at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, have developed an electronic yarn capable of precisely measuring how a person’s body moves.

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horse band

Smart textile band achieves high-quality ECGs in unrestrained horses

Excellent heart-related data has been obtained from horses by scientists in Canada using a smart textile band that incorporated sensors.

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Smart sock alerts older people to risk of falling

A smart sock that alerts older people to the increased risk of falls has been created by electronic textiles (e-textiles) experts at the UK’s Nottingham...

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Micro-scale knots make materials unusually tough

Engineers at the California Institute of Technology have developed a new material made from interconnected micro-scale knots.

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Threading rows of metal atoms into nanofibre bundles

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan have successfully threaded atoms of indium metal in between individual fibres in bundles of transition metal chalcogenide nanofibres.

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