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Sono-finishing poised for commercialisation

A new ultrasound-based finishing technology developed by Sonovia with Brückner and Weber Ultrasonics offers some crucial advantages in the production of antimicrobial textiles.

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At the human-machine interface

Mechanical sensing is a key functionality in soft robotics and a new elastomeric fibre that can be turned into a fabric “skin” with the ability...

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US paratroopers stress-testing Whoop device

Alaska-based US Army paratroopers have been equipped with biometric data-collecting wearables for a six-month project to analyse how they deal with everyday challenges in arctic...

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Major benefits in the transfer printing of stacked circuits

Conductive Transfers, based in Barnsley, UK, has now printed more than 40,000 of its stacked circuits for use in the Innovo urinary incontinence treatment shorts...

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San Diego skin patch 3

Cardio and biochemical readings from a single skin patch

The first wearable device that can monitor both cardiovascular signals and multiple biochemical levels in the human body at the same time has been developed at the University of...

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Dry powder route to beauty with D-Preg

A new dry, bio-based, electrospun beauty mask has been shown to reduce the presence of forehead wrinkles and crows-feet around the eyes and to moisturise...

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Supersonic brake for the Mars landing

UK technical textiles producer Heathcoat Fabrics supplied the fabric for the parachute with which NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully landed on the surface of Mars on...

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Smart diaper solution for incontinence

Personal hygiene group Ontex has developed a smart diaper that automatically alerts caregivers when the pad needs to be changed.

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Silent power for robotic assistance clothing

Reliatrace, based in Amery, Wisconsin, USA, has secured a US Patent for a self-regulating flexible heating device.

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Spontaneous assembly of tough nanoribbons

For the past couple of decades, scientists and engineers have been following nature’s lead, designing molecules that assemble themselves in water, with the goal of...

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