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Essity joins project on circular sensor technology

Hygiene and health company Essity has joined the European research project Sustronics, which is supporting the development of circular electronic products.

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Global fashion brands failing to protect Myanmar clothing workers

New data from the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) shows that workers in Myanmar are facing increasing infringements of their rights, while fashion…

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Creating fashion from vehicle production waste

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio has launched its own sustainable fashion brand in which garments and accessories using materials left over from the car manufacturing…

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Bulgarian former footballer opens first store in Plovdiv

Bulgarian former footballer Hristo Stoichkov has opened a store with his fashion brand H8S in Mall Plovdiv at an event attended by celebrities from the…

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Artificial spider silk for medical scaffolds

Latvian company PrintyMed is developing biocompatible artificial spider silk to create scaffolds that can be used for tissue engineering applications, such as three-dimensional heart valves,…

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Eco-friendly Aston Martin concept unveiled

Lunaz, a provider of sustainable automotive technology based at Silverstone, Northamptonshire, UK, has unveiled a new concept for the Aston Martin DB6 that is said…

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Funding to improve radiation protection for medical practitioners

Texray has secured SEK45m (€3. 9m) in funding in an investment round led by Industrifonden and supported by private investors at Impilo.

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Sage Automotive Interiors to expand in South Carolina

US-based Sage Automotive Interiors is expanding its Sharon Plant in Abbeville County, South Carolina, with a US$10m investment that will create 95 new jobs.

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Stretchable and efficient wearable thermoelectric energy harvester

South Korean researchers at the Energy Conversion Materials Research Center, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, have developed a technology that can increase the flexibility and efficiency…

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Brands’ clothing waste fuelling Cambodia’s brick factories

The clothing waste of at least 19 global fashion brands, including Adidas, C&A, Disney, Gap, Lululemon, Primark, Reebok and Walmart, is contributing to human rights…

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No textile industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina in five years?

Bosnia and Herzegovina could be without a textile industry in five years, according to some industry experts.

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Increasing flax fibre adoption in marine

The adoption of composite parts based on flax fibres by the marine industry continues to grow, with major original equipment manufacturers as well as smaller…

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Lohman adhesive skin patch

Resilient, extended-use adhesive skin patch

A resilient adhesive skin patch from Neuwied, Germany-based high-tech tape manufacturer Lohmann offers a wearing time of 28 days or more, notably extending the usage…

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National Geographic Apparel launches Southeast Asia’s first store

National Geographic Apparel has opened a store in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, marking the brand’s first location in Southeast Asia (reports Inside Retail).

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Emirates to launch limited edition collection of luggage and accessories

Dubai-based carrier Emirates is to launch a unique capsule collection of luggage, bags and accessories – all fashioned from upcycled materials from retrofitted aircraft.

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US launch of breathable surgical gown with instrument pockets

Cardinal Health has announced the US launch of its SmartGown Edge breathable surgical gown with Assist instrument pockets, which are designed to provide surgical teams…

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