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smart bandages

Smart bandages could help with wound care

New research from Binghamton University’s Thomas J Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science takes an initial step toward better understanding of the wound healing…

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Nahtlos Stopper

Financing for textile-based electrodes for medtech applications

St Gallen, Switzerland-based Nahtlos has received CHF1m in a first round of financing from a network of business angels in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and the…

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Standalone sweat sensor provides immediate readout

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a thin, flexible and stretchable sweat sensor that can show the level of glucose, lactate,…

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Improving wearable medical sensors with ultrathin mesh

On-skin medical sensors and wearable health devices must be incredibly flexible and ultrathin so they can move with the human body.

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Wearable power solution for smart-textile electronics

The development of self-powered sensors using textiles could effectively reduce the problems caused by rigid batteries.

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Impact Asimina Kiourti secondary 1

Advancing wearable technology for healthcare

Ohio State University’s Asimina Kiourti believes wearable technology can become a vital and seamless part of diagnostic health tools that provide major health benefits, improving…

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wearable sensors style

Wearable sensors styled into T-shirts and face masks

Researchers at Imperial College London, UK, have embedded low-cost sensors that monitor breathing, heart rate and ammonia into T-shirts and face masks.

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Twistron Research 3 2000

Energy harvesters show potential that fits like a glove

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas say they have made significant improvements to energy-harvesting yarns they invented called “twistrons”, which are made from…

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0822 LOGIC 1 rn

Embedded pneumatic circuits for assistive garments

Textile-based pneumatic logic gates that could help people with functional limitations perform tasks without electronic assistance, eliminating the need for wearers to carry bulky power…

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Tackling dehydration through sweat-sensing technology

Digital health company Epicore Biosystems has entered into a partnership with Denka, a Japan-based multinational technology and materials company.

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