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Wireless smart bandage provides new insights on healing chronic wounds

Researchers at Stanford University in the US have developed a wireless smart bandage that has shown promise in speeding up tissue repair by monitoring the...

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Embroidery as low-cost solution for wearable electronics

Embroidering power-generating yarns onto fabric has allowed US researchers to embed a self-powered, numerical touch-pad and movement sensors into clothing.

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‘Smart sensor’ dressing wins design award

Three students from Poland have been awarded this year’s James Dyson Award for design for developing a smart sensor for dressings that indicates how well...

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Smart textiles for personalised healthcare

University of California assistant professor of bioengineering Dr Jun Chen and his Wearable Bioelectronics Research Group have put together several comprehensive review articles to introduce...

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Bridging the gap between research and reality

The E-Textiles Network conference held in November in Nottingham, UK, discussed why universities and institutes should work together as a community of researchers.

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‘Smart mask’ with a use beyond pandemics

Researchers from the Madrid region of Spain have developed and patented a novel smart mask that can monitor a wearer’s vital signs up to 20...

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Knitting technology produces 3D force sensors in fabric

As part of the TextileUX project, researchers from Austria and Italy have explored haptic user interface elements made entirely from textiles.

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Making smart clothing accessible for healthcare

Speaking at the E-Textiles Network conference held in November in Nottingham, UK, keynote speaker Martin Ashby (pictured), chief innovation officer of Manchester, UK-based sportswear brand...

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Flexible conductive adhesives for thin-film solar cells and wearables

When it comes to electronics, characteristics such as bendability, flexibility, foldability and wearability become increasingly important.

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Smart mask tracks respiratory sounds for respiratory disease identification

A research team led by the City University of Hong Kong has developed a smart mask that integrates an ultrathin nanocomposite sponge structure-based soundwave sensor,...

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