Archive: August 2022

0822 LOGIC 1 rn

Embedded pneumatic circuits for assistive garments

Textile-based pneumatic logic gates that could help people with functional limitations perform tasks without electronic assistance, eliminating the need for wearers to carry bulky power...

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Tackling dehydration through sweat-sensing technology

Digital health company Epicore Biosystems has entered into a partnership with Denka, a Japan-based multinational technology and materials company.

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germanbionic logistics 2

Automotive supplier to collaborate on carbon fibre exoskeletons

Automotive supplier Mubea has entered into a co-operation agreement to commence production of robotic exoskeletons for smart power suits developer German Bionic of Augsburg, Germany.

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BMEN Bioelectronics Gaharwar 16Aug2022news

Bio-inks for 3D-printable wearables

US researchers at Texas A&M University has developed a new class of biomaterial inks that mimic native characteristics of highly conductive human tissue, much like...

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ikts hightech weste ueberwacht die lungenfunktionen bild 2

Vest monitors with acoustic sensors record lung function

A technology in which noises in the lungs are recorded using a textile vest with integrated acoustic sensors is being developed by researchers at the...

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palarum 9111 proof x1000

Wireless sock monitors reduce rate of patient falls in hospitals

A study led by nurses at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center involving 569 hospitalised “fall risk” patients found the use of a wireless...

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MIT Chip Free Sensor 01 PRESS 0

Chip-free, wireless electronic ‘skin’

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have devised a wearable sensor that communicates wirelessly without requiring onboard chips or batteries.

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new adaptive artificia

Adaptive artificial muscles made of single-helical wool yarn

As part of an ongoing project focused on textile-based soft actuators, a team of researchers at Jiangnan University in China have developed new artificial muscles...

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Flexible device harvests thermal energy to power wearable electronics

University of Washington researchers have developed a flexible, wearable thermoelectric device that converts body heat to electricity as a way of continuously powering wearable electronics.

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