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Smart robot skin gives tactile awareness

A range of skin-like, smart fabric-based coverings that can give tactile awareness for robots and prosthetics has been launched by BeBop Sensors.

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self powered fabric ca

Self-powered fabric can help correct posture

Prolonged poor posture, such as slouching or leaning to one side, can lead to pain and discomfort.

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sun powered some

Invisible, machine-washable solar cells for clothing

Researchers in Finland have developed invisible, machine-washable solar cell technology for clothing.

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Motorskin Movement

Textiles with embedded fluidics for HMI

In a world increasingly dominated by visual and auditory information exchange, MotorSkins’ morphing textile surfaces are bringing back touch as a way to interact with...

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Smart socks help people living with dementia

Smart socks that track rising distress in the wearer could improve the well-being of millions of people with dementia, non-verbal autism and other conditions that...

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Robotic sleeve for lymphoedema treatment

Canadian researchers from the University of Waterloo’s Microfluidics Laboratory and Diesel Biomechanics Laboratory, Breast Rehab and Myant have developed a soft robotic sleeve for the...

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smart diaper for bedsi

Smart diaper for bedside urine testing

Researchers in China have designed a flexible sensor that fits in a diaper, measures multiple components in urine and can share those results over Bluetooth...

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actuator collage

Autonomous knitting creates soft robotic ‘banana fingers’

US scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a rapid design and fabrication tool to create a glove containing soft pneumatic actuators.

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