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nanofibre mat

Lightweight material protects against high-speed projectiles

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison have developed a nanofibre mat that is said to provide better protection from high-speed projectile impacts than steel plates...

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Follow the thread: knitting design system for functional fabrics

Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, are translating the loops and twists of knitting into a digital architecture as a key step in...

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skynfeel shoot2821 round1 copylr 1024x683

A touchscreen embedded in your T-shirt

Researchers in the European Commission-funded Graphene Flagship are driving the rapid development of graphene-enabled wearable technology, using the unique physical properties of graphene.

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IMG 5439 crop2 300x222

Piezoelectric tissue scaffold stimulates knee cartilage repair

Researchers at the USA’s University of Connecticut have used piezoelectric biodegradable nanofibre tissue scaffold technology to successfully regrow cartilage directly in a rabbit’s knee, which...

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e textiles 2022c

E-Textiles 2022: first call for papers

The 4th International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles 2022) is now accepting abstract submissions.

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Conductive ink for printed e-textiles

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University, a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, have developed an inexpensive way to transform an ordinary shirt into...

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Multifunctional woven smart textile display

An international team of scientists led by the UK’s University of Cambridge have produced a fully woven smart textile display that integrates active electronic, sensing,...

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borstkas High

Partnership for remote health monitoring

With the market for medical health patch applications estimated to reach US$10bn by 2024, Henkel Printed Electronics and printed electronics specialist Quad Industries are strengthening...

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2020 01 24 110952 DSCF8074 STUeRMER FOTO final 72

Sensor belt enables early detection of dementia

A team of Swiss researchers, together with clinical partners, is developing a new diagnostic tool that can detect the first signs of neurodegenerative changes, such...

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Electrospun patch delivers insulin efficiently

A prototype electrospun insulin-loaded patch that could be stuck comfortably to the inside of a person’s cheek, where it can deliver insulin in a less-invasive...

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