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Achieving sustainability in smart wearable electronic textiles

Multifunctional electronic textiles (e-textiles) offer a transformative solution with added electrical, thermal and optical functionalities to interface with the human body, enabling continuous monitoring, collection…

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Nanodiamonds could hold key to cool clothing

Researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, are using nanodiamonds to create smart textiles that can cool people down faster.

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Vibrating glove helps stroke patients recover from muscle spasms

After a stroke, survivors often experience uncontrollable spasms that can twist their arms and hands into perpetual fists.

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‘Sweet spot’ found for length of yarn-shaped supercapacitors

Researchers at North Carolina State University have identified a “sweet spot” at which the length of a thread-like energy storage technology called a yarn-shaped supercapacitor…

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Understanding millennials’ adoption of smart textiles

A study undertaken at Nottingham Trent University, led by PhD candidate Ramona Cristina Cook, has revealed that the perceptions of millennials – people born in…

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Flexible temperature sensor development

Engineers from UK universities have developed a new method of measuring temperature through the interaction of a soft and flexible “smart skin” sensor with electromagnetic…

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Knitted dress changes shape in response to heat

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Self-Assembly Laboratory in collaboration with Ministry of Supply have developed a 4D Knit Dress that incorporates the latest…

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Portable fabric microwave bag wins innovation award

A smart device that claims to be the world’s first portable microwave bag, with a weight of less than 300 g, won the Best of…

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Launch of open innovation community for smart medtech

Crowdhelix, an open innovation platform designed to foster collaboration among researchers, business leaders and investors, has launched the Smart Medtech Helix to accelerate innovation across…

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Smart glove can boost hand mobility of stroke patients

A group of stroke survivors in British Columbia, Canada, are currently testing a new technology designed to aid their recovery and ultimately restore use of…

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Augmented reality T-shirts showcased at Art Basel

Avery Dennison, a provider of materials science and digital identifications solutions, has completed a project with NRVLD, a community-based experiential agency comprising artists, technologists and…

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Soft robotic device improves walking for Parkinson’s patient

Researchers in the US have used a soft, wearable robot device to help a person living with Parkinson’s disease walk without "freezing".

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FDA clearance for continuous blood pressure monitor

Nanowear has received US Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for SimpleSense-BP, a new cuffless continuous blood pressure monitor.

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Washable elastic conductor for smart clothing

A Taiwan-based lead wire manufacturer says it has created a conductor that maintains stable resistance even when stretched.

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Piezoelectric composites for motion sensors

An international research group has engineered a novel, high-strength flexible device by combining piezoelectric composites with unidirectional carbon fibre, an anisotropic material that provides strength…

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Embroidered textile electrodes for bio-signal monitoring

Textile electrodes, which can be used for bio-signal monitoring as well as electrostimulation, are central for the emerging research field of smart textiles and are…

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