Archive: November 2023

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Improved wound healing with probiotic bacteria

A research team from Empa in Switzerland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, are developing a wound dressing that uses “good”…

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Vietnamese textile and clothing exports likely to drop by 5–6%

Vietnam’s textile and clothing exports are expected to fall by 5–6% to US$41bn this year on continued weak global demand, the head of the country’s…

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Lightweight, gel-free and waterproof ECG sensor

A new compact, lightweight, gel-free and waterproof electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor has been developed by a team at RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Milliken rebrands healthcare business

US-based diversified manufacturer Milliken & Co has rebranded its healthcare business, Milliken Healthcare Products, as Ovik Health, offering a range of wound and burn dressings,…

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