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Lithuanian knitwear producer reduces losses by 20%

In the first nine months of 2023, Lithuanian knitwear manufacturer Utenos Trikotažas, part of the SBA Group, reported revenues of €17. 2m (US$18.

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Sustainable fibres featured at ASEAN techno-fashion event

Eco-friendly solutions for the textile industry, such as piña, abaca, banana, silk and bamboo fibres, were featured at the ASEAN Techno-Fashion Exposition in October, hosted…

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Textila muskler TB LiU 12

Continued funding for textile muscles

Researchers in Sweden have received continued funding for their project “Textile muscles for augmenting garments” from the Erling-Perssons Foundation.

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with iloveviscose apr introduced sustainable fashion at jfw 2023 01

Simplicity, sustainability in collaborative fashion collection at JFW

Viscose fibre producer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) continued to support sustainable fashion in a collaborative collection with Indonesian designers, shown during October’s Jakarta Fashion Week…

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Polish company secures Five Nights at Freddy’s licensing deal

Polish company Halantex has signed a deal for horror game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, which will see it launch new licensed home textiles and…

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MIT ActuatingFibers 01 press 0

Low-cost, shape-shifting fibre produces morphing fabrics

An interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and elsewhere have developed a low-cost fibre that contracts in response to an increase…

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NTX to launch sustainable printing facility at US university

Singapore-based waterless printing and dyeing technology firm NTX is to open its first US facility near the University of Oregon’s recently announced Northeast Portland campus,…

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IMG 7497MMLOGO2 1024x1536

Natural fibre composite decorative parts

Vernicolor of Meudon, Paris, France, has produced back-injected decorative parts for automotive interiors with Bcomp’s technical ampliTex-PP fabrics.

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Liveo Soft Skin Conductive Tape

Soft skin conductive tape launched

DuPont has introduced DuPont Liveo Soft Skin Conductive Tape 1-3150 – a silicone-based thermoset adhesive for electrical bio-signal sensing and transfer.

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action with Novi Sindikat representatives

Former Croatian garment workers submit complaint to OECD

More than two years after the announcement that state-owned Croatian garment factory Orljava was closing, the Croatian trade union Novi Sindikat and partner organisation Clean…

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camira quantron

Digital print technology featured on electric bus

Made for inner-city transportation, the Quantron Cizaris 12 EV, is ultra-quiet, reliable and emits zero carbon dioxide while in operation, and has a range of…

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NFW FinalImage

Asahi Kasei invests in US materials start-up

Asahi Kasei is to invest in US-based start-up Natural Fiber Welding, a producer of a non-petroleum-based leather alternative for automotive interiors.

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kyrgyz raima esenova worker 20230716

Kyrgyzstan experiences losses due to decline of Russian orders

The textile industry of Kyrgyzstan is experiencing problems owing to a decline of orders from Russia, which traditionally generated most of the profits for textile…

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globus konfekcija kiseljak 29 09 artinfoba

Bosnian apparel manufacturer stops production

Bosnian apparel manufacturer Globus-Konfekcija of Kiseljak recently stopped production with 70 workers dismissed.

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images 2

From engineering in Switzerland to merino wool in Bulgaria

Mariana Barakchieva, who graduated in journalism and software engineering, lived for some years in Switzerland where she had a decent job, but decided to return…

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MIT NoPainFibers 01 press 0

Soft optical fibres block pain while moving and stretching with the body

US engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed soft and implantable fibres that can deliver light to major nerves throughout the body.

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