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MIT Cancer Ultrasound 01 press 0

Wearable ultrasound scanner could detect breast cancer earlier

To improve the overall survival rate for breast cancer patients, US researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a wearable ultrasound device that…

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researchers develop 3d 1

3D printed bandage for treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, have designed a three-dimensional (3D) printed bandage that offers an innovative method of treating diabetic foot ulcers.

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r COmpany

Adhetec acquires Perrone to expand transportation interiors capabilities

Adhetec, a supplier of self-adhesive films for the transportation industry, has acquired Perrone Performance Leathers & Textiles, a supplier of soft goods for transportation interiors.

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Indorama Ventures streamlines wool business in Europe

Thailand-based petrochemicals producer Indorama Ventures (IVL) is streamlining manufacturing at its European wool operations to ensure the long-term sustainability of the business.

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Preparing spacesuits article

How will astronauts keep their underwear clean on the Moon?

With astronauts gearing up for a return to the Moon, possibly as soon as 2025 with the planned Artemis mission, scientists are looking into the…

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vibrating vests3

Vibrating vests translate music for deaf concertgoers

Haptic suits, designed to enable concertgoers who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience orchestral music, are being developed as initiatives to improve inclusivity…

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Thermoregulating fabric keeps wearers comfortable

A thermoregulating textile has been developed that keeps wearers comfortable with a minimal amount of energy input owing to a conductive polymer that can be…

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3D printed heart muscle

Fibre-infused ink enables 3D-printed heart muscle to beat

Researchers from the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences report the development of a new hydrogel ink infused with gelatin fibres…

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cabine avion lin fibre

Durable and high-performance composites with flax fibres

Members of the Alliance for European Flax-Linen & Hemp (previously known as CELC) participated in the JEC World 2023 trade show earlier this year, where…

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sysg garment bhrrc

Cambodian clothing factory accused of denying freedom of association

A clothing factory in Cambodia’s Kandal province has been accused of denying freedom of association after a union leader was dismissed, according to the Business…

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stretchablebatteryspiff 1

Prototype stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery

A team of University of Houston researchers have developed a prototype of a fully stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery.

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nasa superelastic tire 2017 11 24 03

Sustainable, airless tyres using NASA technology

Space wheels developed by US space agency NASA for lunar rovers could help cut vehicle particle pollution on Earth.

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NEIWAI Singapore Flagship Store Raffles City 1

Chinese underwear brand opens first overseas store in Singapore

Chinese underwear and loungewear brand Neiwai has opened its first overseas location in Singapore’s Raffles City.

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Environmentally conscious flame-retardant treatment for wool fabrics

An environmentally conscious, non-halogenated, flame-retardant treatment for wool fabrics in the public transport sector has been developed by Camira.

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Al Faro a winner at Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards

Malaysian textile brand Al Faro was crowned a winner at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2023 Malaysia.

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Bulgarian textile recycling plant goes bankrupt

Humanita, a modern textile recycling plant near Plovdiv, Bulgaria, has closed and a private bailiff is offering it for sale.

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