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PTRI to establish more bamboo textile fibre innovation hubs

The Philippine Textile Research Institute will establish at least three more Bamboo Textile Fibre Innovation Hubs until 2024, adding to the current three hubs.

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mtxjun23 fig3

Antimicrobial dressing stimulates epithelial cell growth

An improved tissue dressing material that consists of chitosan or a chitosan-comprising composition has been developed by biotechnology company Medoderm of Mainz, Germany.

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MIT Surgical Duct Tape01 PRESS 0

Sutures that can deliver drugs or sense inflammation

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed “smart” sutures that not only hold tissue in place, but also detect inflammation and release drugs.

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harvard 3d knitting

Additively manufactured 3D knitted soft robots

Researchers at the Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have established a new approach for additively manufacturing soft robotics, using a…

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Regel fibre

Acrylic fibre from Thailand with 75% recycled content

A recycled acrylic fibre made by Thai Acrylic Fibre that contains 75% recycled content has been certified to the Global Recycled Standard and is said…

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Nobel Hygiene

Slim disposable absorbent underpants launched in India

Friends, the flagship brand of Indian disposable hygiene product manufacturer Nobel Hygiene, has launched what is claimed to be the country’s first “slim” disposable absorbent…

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Raschel machine installed for smart textile projects

A Raschel knitting machine for processing electrically conductive yarns has been inaugurated at the Grabher Group’s research subsidiary V-trion in Lustenau, Austria.

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mtxjun23 fig4

Slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh

A slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh that is claimed to be cheaper and more efficacious compared with biological mesh for use in the repair of…

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outland denim

Lack of capital forces Cambodian factory closure

After two years of supporting its workers through the pandemic, Australia-based denim fashion producer Outland Denim has closed one of its two Cambodian factories.

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optimal m3 med marinoverdrag cut webb

Swedish firm to open medical mattress factory in Latvia

Swedish medical mattress producer Care of Sweden plans to start production at a new factory in Liepāja, Latvia, at the end of this year.

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162650 111

Vietnam's textile and clothing sector cautious for 2023

Businesses in Vietnam’s textile and clothing sector are being cautious in their business plans for this year amid diminishing demand and rising inventory.

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