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Paris metro and tram seats transformed into footwear

A French company is selling slippers made from leftover fabric used to renovate the Paris public transport network, featuring the unmistakable patterns, and inspired by…

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Customisable aircraft carpet range launched

A new range of customisable aircraft aisle carpets has been launched by Calhoun, Georgia, USA-based carpet and rug manufacturer Delos.

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baika textile3 1

New clothing facility inaugurated in Kyrgyzstan

A new clothing production facility has been opened at the Baika Textile factory in the Kara-Suu district of Kyrgyzstan’s Osh oblast, reports the US Embassy.

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vinyl seat 2 x1000

DART to replace 34,000 fabric seats with vinyl

Dallas Area Rapid Transit in Dallas, Texas, USA, is replacing 34,000 fabric seat cushions with new vinyl ones across its bus fleet.

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Porsche ‘911 in fabrics’ art exhibit

German carmaker Porsche is celebrating its artistic side by highlighting the “911 in fabrics” exhibition by Brazilian 3D artist Thiago Tallman, now based in Barcelona,…

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05 17 18 LOOMIA46920

E-textiles in the automotive industry

The global automotive market is estimated to soar to almost US$3trn over the next year, according to Statista, but what is continuing – and what…

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0 KnitDema Teaser

Knitted robotic textile for hand oedema patients

Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA, have developed a knitted wearable tool to treat hand oedema – swelling caused by excess fluid…

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Porcher Industries in partnership with flax fibre producer

Porcher Industries, a manufacturer of technical textiles and high-performance thermoplastic composites, has strengthened its partnership with Terre de Lin, a flax fibre producer based in…

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design tweak helps pre

Battery prototype with fibre-shaped cathode

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a cathode in the shape of a thread-like fibre, which was then used to create a zinc-ion…

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Vi Khanh experiment closeup

Antimicrobial smart fabric could measure heart rate and heal itself

An international team of scientists has developed a simple metallic coating treatment for clothing or wearable textiles that can repair itself, repel bacteria from the…

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fabric c

Programmable smart fabric responds to temperature and electricity

A new smart material developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada, is activated by both heat and electricity.

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15949 BIG

Inclusion of traditional Albanian dress on UNESCO cultural heritage list

An item of traditional Albanian clothing has been included in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

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Zhu caterpillar 1500 HEADER

Robot caterpillar demonstrates new approach to locomotion

Researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated a caterpillar-like soft robot that can move forwards, backwards and dip under narrow spaces.

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csr 20230418 04

Toray promotes use of recycled polyester fibre at Penang State schools

In partnership with the Penang State Government’s Green Initiative, the Penang Green Council and other recycling and manufacturing establishments in Malaysia, Toray Group companies in…

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american and efird

A&E to close sewing thread factory in Slovenia

US-based industrial and consumer sewing thread maker American & Efird plans to close the factory of its Slovenian subsidiary A&E Europe in Maribor by this…

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Hybridtextil Cellun DITF x1000

Fibre composite from biopolymers

Together with CG TEC, Cordenka, ElringKlinger, Fiber Engineering and Technikum Laubholz, the Deutsche Institute für Textil- und Faserforschung Denkendorf (DITF) is developing a new fibre…

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