Archive: February 2023

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Preparing stem cells to become organ tissue

With thousands of people dying waiting for an organ transplant last year and many more on the waiting list, a researcher at North Carolina State…

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Sensor enables ‘smart diapers’ and other health monitors

A sensor developed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University could help workers in day-care centres, hospitals and other medical settings provide more immediate care to…

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Construction milestone for new PLA biopolymer facility in Thailand

NatureWorks, a manufacturer of low-carbon polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymers made from renewable resources, has held a cornerstone-laying ceremony to celebrate the construction of its new…

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X1 Smart Heated Vest Carhartt

Artificially intelligent heated vest

Workwear producer Carhartt of Dearborn, Michigan, USA, has introduced an intelligent heated vest designed to eliminate fluctuating body temperatures, and personalise heat and comfort both…

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Smart stitches reduce infection and simplify post-op monitoring

A new antimicrobial suture material that glows in medical imaging could be a promising alternative for mesh implants and internal stitches.

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Sustainable vehicle interiors made of recycled materials

Coffee, eggs, walnuts, rice and lentils could be just as likely found in your future vehicle’s interior as your shopping basket, according to a new…

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