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Intelligent Textiles for Interiors Fashion and Rehabilitation

Contactless gesture recognition with illuminative textile

An intelligent system offering a contact-free gesture recognition illuminative textile that changes colour via hand and body gestures has been developed by researchers at the…

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odlo romania

Sportswear brand boosts productivity by 10% in Romania

UK-based digital solutions company Coats Digital has announced that Odlo Romania, the fashion manufacturing arm of sportswear brand Odlo International, has reduced the time it…

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tissue engineering d cropped

Developing multi-functional tendon-mimetic hydrogels

A research team in physics, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Hong Kong have reported the development of multifunctional tendon-mimetic hydrogels…

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460029 desktop

Evonik, AMSilk to manufacture sustainable silk proteins in Slovakia

Speciality chemicals producer Evonik has entered into an agreement with German biotechnology company AMSilk to produce industrial quantities of sustainable silk proteins, which can be…

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horsepants cropped

Compression treatment could relieve horses’ painful swollen limbs

US researchers from North Carolina State University have taken technology aimed at helping humans suffering from lymphoedema, in which the accumulation of excess lymph fluid…

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Climate-smart agriculture helps double cotton production in Azerbaijan

Researchers and farmers in Azerbaijan, implementing climate-smart agricultural (CSA) practices based on nuclear and related techniques, have been able to more than double their yields…

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Smart car seat cover

Footfalls & Heartbeats has developed simple, non-intrusive sensing technology in a knitted car seat cover to enhance comfort, safety and occupational health in modern mobility.

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268075 anna

Ao dai collection launched to celebrate ties with UK

Fifty sets of ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) for adults and children were displayed at a fundraising event in February for UNICEF and the…

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Fashion collection made out of scrapped Škoda parts

Swedish upcycling fashion brand Rave Review, founded by design duo Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, has collaborated with Czech car manufacturer Škoda on an exclusive…

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DB2022AU00152 large

Volkswagen to make ID fleet interiors more sustainable

Germany-based automaker Volkswagen says it is making its all-electric ID family more sustainable by choosing materials with less environmental impact for its interiors.

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Brands ‘failing to protect workers’ from labour abuse in Myanmar

Global fashion brands are failing to protect the workers who make their clothing in Myanmar from labour and human rights abuses ranging from inhumane working…

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nusantara fashion home5

Indonesian trade ministry opens fashion house in Malaysia

Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade is continuing its efforts to improve Indonesia’s fashion exports with the launch of the Nusantara Fashion House in Strand Mall, Malaysia.

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Interior vehicle trim from fruit waste

A collaboration agreement has been signed between automotive interior supplier Grupo Antolin and PersiSkin – a start-up that produces a plant-based material as an alternative…

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Reactive fabrics respond to changes in temperature

Soft and elastic filaments made from liquid crystalline elastomers are being used by researchers in Finland and the UK to weave textiles that can change…

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conita 2 1675977258

Major investments for Bosnian sock producer

With a daily production of 30,000 pairs of socks, Conita has been working for foreign clients for more than 20 years with its entire production…

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nevena nikolova

Bulgarian designer discusses international project to reduce waste

Countries worldwide are coming together to fundamentally change systems and practices in fashion because it affects everyone in a much greater way than can be…

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