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sea me linens emerald 1 733x550

Ukrainians bring sustainability to bedding and sleepwear

Founded by Natalya Ishchenko and Eteri Saneblidze in Odessa, Ukraine, Sea Me Linen combines sustainability with minimalist design, bringing slow fashion to the bedding and…

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Buckwheat honey and bacitracin dressing

Honey has been used as a medicinal aid for thousands of years and is well established in its ability to treat acute and chronic wounds.

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Grupo Antolin unveils virtual interior concept

Grupo Antolin has unveiled a new virtual interior concept car called in-Pulse, which the Spain-based Tier 1 automotive supplier says represents its North America Innovation…

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Thai textile industry exports surging

Thailand’s exports of textiles are increasing and are expected to grow by 15% this year.

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Benz door pull 650

Door pulls made from biodegradable vegan silk

Novel, sustainable door pulls made from vegan-certified, bio-fabricated silk fibre are being used by Mercedes-Benz in its latest concept car.

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