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Indonesian fibre maker achieves certification

Asia Pacific Fibers, an integrated polyester producer, has become the first manufacturer in Indonesia to have achieved the UV Standard 801 certification regarding its polyester…

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Multifunctional woven smart textile display

An international team of scientists led by the UK’s University of Cambridge have produced a fully woven smart textile display that integrates active electronic, sensing,…

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Coating for hospital fabrics kills coronavirus and E. coli

Canadian scientists have developed an inexpensive, non-toxic coating for almost any fabric that is claimed to decrease the infectivity of the virus that causes Covid-19…

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Alliance launched to promote plant-based fibres

Three companies developing plant-based textile fibres sourced from the Philippines have created a marketing organisation to link producers such as themselves with the fashion industry.

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Uzbek firm to build cotton processing plant in Azerbaijan

Uzbek manufacturer of cotton-cleaning equipment Pahtamash plans to build a plant in Azerbaijan.

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Reusable and biodegradable menstrual underwear wins award

Reusable and biodegradable menstrual underwear (so-called period pants) made with viscose fibres has been developed by a researcher working at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

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European project promotes sustainable production in Armenia

A project launched in December, funded by Eurochambres and jointly implemented by the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia and the Lithuanian Apparel and…

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Partnership for remote health monitoring

With the market for medical health patch applications estimated to reach US$10bn by 2024, Henkel Printed Electronics and printed electronics specialist Quad Industries are strengthening…

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Sensor belt enables early detection of dementia

A team of Swiss researchers, together with clinical partners, is developing a new diagnostic tool that can detect the first signs of neurodegenerative changes, such…

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Saitex opens environmentally friendly fabric mill in Vietnam

Saitex has opened a new fabric mill, located some 40 minutes from its cut-and-sew factory outside Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Electrospun patch delivers insulin efficiently

A prototype electrospun insulin-loaded patch that could be stuck comfortably to the inside of a person’s cheek, where it can deliver insulin in a less-invasive…

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E-textiles embedded in horse slickers to monitor chronic disease

A team of engineers and veterinarians at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, have embedded the liner of horse slickers with nanomaterials to gauge whether…

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Surgical ‘duct tape’ as an alternative to sutures

US engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a strong, flexible and biocompatible sticky patch that can be easily and quickly applied to…

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E-textiles power supply: turning fabrics into batteries

In a recent webinar organised by the UK-based E-Textiles Network, Dr Sheng Yong of the UK’s University of Southampton discussed the types of energy storage…

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Around 220,000 jobs lost in Myanmar's clothing sector

An estimated 220,000 clothing workers, most of them women, lost their jobs in Myanmar last year owing to the combined effects of the military coup…

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Japanese-owned firm to invest in silk production in Cambodia

A Japanese-style beauty salon is reported to be interested in investing in Cambodia’s silk production to serve the textile and cosmetic sectors.

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