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Tesco and Intertek face claims of forced labour at Thai clothing factory

A landmark legal case is being brought by clothing workers against British retailer Tesco and social auditing firm Intertek for negligence and against Tesco for…

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Bulgarian sock producer enters North American market

Bulgarian sock producer Stinky Socks has received financing worth €150,000 (US$160,000) from Vitosha Venture Partners, which has allowed it to increase production by more than…

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Turkish textile and clothing brands plan Russian expansion

Turkey-based Eroglu Holding, which owns the Colin’s brand, is accelerating its expansion into the Russian market with the planned opening of up to 17 stores…

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Sustainable car seat foam solutions

A new range of cushioning solutions made from an innovative structure of polyester-based fibres that is 100% recyclable and aimed at the mobility markets has…

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manufacturing system philippines

Thousands of Philippine clothing workers laid off

In the largest retrenchment last year in the Philippines, 4,485 workers in the Mactan Export Processing Zone and the Cebu Light Industrial Park, both located…

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Wireless sensors for lifelong monitoring of aircraft

Wireless sensors as thin as a human hair could soon be integrated into composite materials and embedded in aerospace components to monitor the condition of…

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ALUULA Composites 3

Composites selected for NASA Mars missions

Advanced materials technology firm Aluula Composites reports that its ultralight and strong composite materials have been selected by Thin Red Line Aerospace for future NASA…

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Hungarian fashion brand opens first store

Hungarian fashion brand Aeron, which was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Eszter Áron, has opened its first store in Budapest.

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New material helps diabetic wounds heal quickly

Researchers from the UK’s University of Nottingham have discovered a new class of polymer that can provide instructions to both immune and non-immune cells to…

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Tufted carpet 100 polyester web

Launch of 100% polyester automotive carpet systems

By introducing a carpet made of 100% polyester, Autoneum says it has opened up new opportunities for vehicle manufacturers to meet their ambitious sustainability targets.

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Cambodian government ‘used pandemic to restrict unions’

The Cambodian government used the Covid-19 pandemic to block the right to strike in the country’s garment industry, jail union activists and restrict union formation,…

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Mango rebajas

Mango expands with new store opening in Singapore

With more than 10 points of sale in Singapore, after integrating four former franchise stores last April, Barcelona, Spain-based fashion company Mango has opened a…

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BMW M4 Competition with Alcantara 23

BMW Italy and Alcantara team up for one-off M4

BMW Italy has collaborated with Alcantara to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the BMW M brand with a one-off competition-specification coupé painted in São Paulo…

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Launch of textile sustainability programme in Malaysia

Malaysian nanotechnology services company NanoTextile has launched a textile and fashion sustainability programme called Nanotextile360ᵒ.

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Wireless smart bandage provides new insights on healing chronic wounds

Researchers at Stanford University in the US have developed a wireless smart bandage that has shown promise in speeding up tissue repair by monitoring the…

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20221124 new airbag module yanfeng highres

Integrating the passenger airbag into the instrument panel

Automotive supplier Yanfeng has developed a solution for integrating the passenger airbag into the instrument panel as a result of cross-divisional collaboration between the company’s…

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