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Revolutionising automotive manufacturing with IR technology

Heraeus, a manufacturer of infrared technology, could transform the automotive industry by introducing modern textiles infused with advanced direct heating solutions.

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Mist Tailored Knit 768x378

Tailored knitted upholstery for Polestar 4 electric SUV

The Polestar 4, an electric performance sport utility vehicle coupé and the second SUV in the brand’s line-up, features a mono-material approach.

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14 08 2023 05 29 02x1000

Soisa partners with Avalon to recycle used aircraft cabin materials

Aviation finance company Avolon has partnered with Soisa Aircraft Interiors on Waste to Wonder, a project that converts scrap material from old aircraft, such as...

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Installation of insulator in Honda Accord 8

Recycled Honda uniforms repurposed as vehicle insulation

Honda has undertaken a recycling initiative that takes uniforms worn by employees at its US manufacturing and research and development facilities and turns them into...

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OpelExperimentalGivesClearVisionofFutureoftheBrand 522540

Experimental concept features electrochromic interior fabrics

German automaker Opel has unveiled its future design aesthetics with the Opel Experimental concept, a battery-electric crossover with an ultra-modern interior design.

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2023 08 03 1 PI ZF Active Seat Belt Repositioning

Connected belt helps mitigate injury in a crash

Occupant protection starts with occupants seated in the correct seating position with a properly fitting seatbelt, according to vehicle technology supplier ZF.

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