Archive: May 2023

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Artificial muscle fibres could serve as cell scaffolds

In two new studies, US researchers at North Carolina State University have designed and tested a series of textile fibres that can change shape and...

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Artificial muscle massage garment

An improved artificial muscle massage garment for the treatment of lymphoedema has been developed by Essity Hygiene and Health.

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Antimicrobial dressing stimulates epithelial cell growth

An improved tissue dressing material that consists of chitosan or a chitosan-comprising composition has been developed by biotechnology company Medoderm of Mainz, Germany.

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Sutures that can deliver drugs or sense inflammation

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed “smart” sutures that not only hold tissue in place, but also detect inflammation and release drugs.

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Nobel Hygiene

Slim disposable absorbent underpants launched in India

Friends, the flagship brand of Indian disposable hygiene product manufacturer Nobel Hygiene, has launched what is claimed to be the country’s first “slim” disposable absorbent...

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Slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh

A slowly resorbable synthetic hernia mesh that is claimed to be cheaper and more efficacious compared with biological mesh for use in the repair of...

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