Archive: March 2023

Winandy VIP+ PM ITA x1000

Nano-modified stent for treatment of hollow organ tumours

Researchers at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, have developed a novel technology for the treatment of hollow organ tumours, which was awarded second place in the...

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STFI 01 Biohyg

Bio-based hygiene nonwoven on show at Index

A team from the Saxon Textile Research Institute will be at April's Index exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, where it will present its latest research products,...

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mtxapr23 fig4

Small-diameter vascular prosthesis

A small-diameter vascular prosthesis that can be implanted via a surgical procedure to replace a part of a damaged blood vessel or to form a...

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mtxapr23 fig2

Perineal bandage for vaginal delivery

A perineal bandage for preventing and treating tears of the perineum, anus and vagina of a pregnant mother that occur during childbirth has been developed...

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Multi-layered absorbent dressing resists shrinkage and wrinkling

A multi-layered wound dressing that offers improved aesthetics and mechanical strength, and thereby increased consistency of the product over its shelf life, has been developed...

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