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Miniature biosensor can monitor condition of serious wounds

A biosensor capable of accurately monitoring the condition of a chronic wound has been developed in the UK by a team at Nottingham Trent University...

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Wireless sock monitors reduce rate of patient falls in hospitals

A study led by nurses at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center involving 569 hospitalised “fall risk” patients found the use of a wireless...

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Prof Dalton Tay in the News 12 Aug 2022

Clinical-grade collagen made from bullfrog skin to treat chronic wounds

A new clinical-grade collagen patch made from discarded bullfrog skin has been developed by materials scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in collaboration with Singapore-based...

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body moody

Warming garment for relieving menstrual pain

Warm clothing that alleviates menstrual or other pain in the lower abdomen and back has been developed by Body Moody of Prague, Czech Republic.

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mtxsep22 fig3

Prosthesis for abdominal wall hernia repair

An improved prosthesis for abdominal wall hernia repair, particularly via laparoscopy, has been developed by Medtronic Sofradim Production of Trévoux, France.

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Bandages or tapes with improved extensibility

Bandages or tapes with improved extensibility have been developed by Johnson & Johnson Consumer of Skillman, New Jersey, USA.

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