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Danish start-up launches reusable period pad

A Danish start-up is pioneering reusable menstrual products to help women go plastic-free on their period.

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Mesh implants made of elastic titanium

Exhibiting at the Techtextil exhibition in June, Titanium Textiles develops, manufactures and distributes a range of products based on a unique microwire technology, which has...

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wound dressing scaled

Project to develop personalised smart dressings

Professor Mehdi Tavakoli, knowledge transfer manager of the UK’s National Health Service infrastructure, medtech and therapies, has been invited to chair an advisory board and...

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Multifunctional bandage helps wounds to heal

A film that protects wounds and helps them to heal quickly, repels bacteria, dampens inflammation, releases active pharmaceutical ingredients in a targeted manner and ultimately...

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Reusable gown eases supply chain issues

The personal protective equipment shortages brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic proved to be an opportunity for a Virginia, USA, health system to not only...

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Compression sleeve comprising viscoelastic yarns

A compression sleeve for application circumferentially around a limb to exert therapeutic pressure on the limb for the treatment of oedema and other venous and...

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Compression garment for the leg and/or foot

An improved compression garment for applying a compressive force to an extremity, in particular to the leg and/or foot of a wearer, for abating an...

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SKU MSCEX77EP Sacrum EX Tech Layers

Foam dressing to help pressure injury prevention

Medline has introduced an updated version of its Optifoam Gentle EX foam dressing to aid in reducing pressure injuries.

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