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Cambodian clothing exports surge but margins under pressure

Cambodia’s clothing exports have surged 45% in the first four months of this year based on resurgent Western markets and new demand from Asia.

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Trying to attract textile and dyeing investments

Vietnam has been trying to attract foreign investment in the textile and dyeing sectors for the past five years.

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Employment rebounds to more than 300,000

The International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Better Factories Cambodia has released its 25th Synthesis Report on Working Conditions in Cambodia’s Garment Sector, which assesses compliance with…

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Thai clothing manufacturers move to cheaper Vietnam

Rising local production costs have pushed five major Thai clothing manufacturers to re­locate to Vietnam, transferring combined investments worth around THB1. 5bn (US $50m).

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Ukraine’s light industry asks for government support

Light industry enterprises in Ukraine have decided to ask the government and the national parliament for protection and support.

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Solving Russia’s cotton fibre shortage problem this year

The Russian government is considering implementing a number of measures to address the projected shortage of cotton in the country this year.

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Tajik industry boosted by US $30m cotton spinning mill

Plans to rebuild Tajikistan’s cotton industry have taken a step forward after a new US $30m modern spinning mill, funded by the Eurasian Development Bank…

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