Archive: June 2021

MIT Skin

Kirigami inspires superior e-skin patch

A new conformable, sensor-embedded patch can monitor someone’s health without malfunctioning or peeling away even when the wearer is perspiring.

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YouCare.Smart.T shirt

ZTE’s YouCare smart shirt powered by 5G

ZTE and its Italian partners introduced the 5G-enabled YouCare smart shirt at the Mobile World Congress 2021 held in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of...

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MIT Masks

Face mask rapidly detects virus with biosensors

A face mask that can diagnose if its wearer has Covid-19 within about 90 minutes has been developed in the US.

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Streaming images on the tongue

To help blind people gain a sense of vision, the BrainPort V100 is a wearable medical device that enables users to process visual images with...

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E-textiles conference call for papers

The third annual E-Textiles Network conference will be held as a hybrid event from 3–4 November 2021 in Manchester, UK, and online.

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New fabrics powered by their environment

A method for transforming fabrics into battery-free wearables that are also resistant to laundering has been developed by engineers at Purdue University.

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MIT energy scavengers

Electrochemistry without wires using nanotubes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers have discovered a new way of generating electricity using tiny carbon particles that can create a current simply by interacting...

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New intelligent textiles for composites

Luminous and temperature-sensitive composite textiles have been developed by Porcher Industries for which applications in a wide number of markets, including aeronautics, automotive, industry, construction,...

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From analog to digital for fibres

MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics, headed by smart fabrics pioneer Yoel Fink, is behind the new fibre that can digitally sense, store and then analyse...

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