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High-tech fibres for cars and aircraft

Manufacturers of cars and aircraft are committed to the use of fibre reinforced plastics.

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Future demands in innovative automobile and aircraft seating

Future demands in automotive and aircraft seating, smart and lightweight textiles, and the benefits and costs of using lightweight materials were the main themes of...

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TRW unveils seatbelt concept at Geneva Motor Show

TRW Automotive Holdings revealed a new seatbelt concept in collaboration with Rinspeed at last month’s Geneva Motor Show.

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Johnson Controls expands interiors facility in South Africa

Johnson Controls has announced the expansion of its interiors plant in East London, South Africa.

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Lantal launches 100% polyamide carpet for aircraft

Lantal Textiles’ aircraft floorcoverings portfolio has been extended with a 100% polyamide (nylon) carpet called Polyamide Basic.

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Solar and thermal energy harvesting textile composites

Energy harvesting devices in the form of fibres could soon be woven into lightweight, strong textiles for integration with structural composites, reports the Air Force...

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Autoneum to start production in the growing Russian market

From autumn 2013, Autoneum will be producing acoustic and thermal management components for the growing Russian automobile market in Ryazan, about 200 km south-east of...

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Reducing transport weight without compromise

The recent Transportation Weight Loss Diet conference held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, brought together designers, engineers, programme leaders and heads of industry from the global...

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Top interior development trends at NAIAS

Design experts at automotive seating supplier Johnson Controls say the focus on providing drivers and passengers with a luxury experience is an emerging trend, especially...

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Autoliv supplies ‘belt bag’ to Mercedes S-class

Autoliv is expanding its safety system offering for passengers in the rear seats with the Bag-in-belt.

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