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Silk improves the function of surgical masks

University of Cincinnati researchers have found that a double layer of silk in combination with a surgical mask can enhance its ability to prevent the...

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ntu sleeve

Smart textile sleeve for treating lymphoedema

A smart textile arm sleeve that uses electrical stimulation to reduce swelling and discomfort for patients with lymphoedema is being developed by engineers at the...

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mtxjun22 fig5

Active knitted compression garments

Garments made of active and passive knitted materials that provide desired levels of compression have been developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota of...

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Advanced Wound Care  Foam 600x600

Dermal patch for preventing pressure ulcers

A dermal patch for preventing the development of pressure ulcers has been developed by Freudenberg.

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Recombinant spider silk fibres enter biomedical field

Biotechnology company Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a developer of genetically engineered spider silk-based fibre technologies, has announced the first sample shipment of its recombinant spider silk...

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mtxjun22 fig2b

Dressings with improved extensibility, elasticity and conformability

Dressings such as bandages or tapes having improved extensibility, elasticity and conformability for better coverage of movable areas such as joints are disclosed by Johnson...

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nick skaer orthox

Silk-based regenerative implant to prevent total knee replacement

A European research team focused on transforming silk into substitute knee cartilage will launch clinical trials in Hungary and the UK later this year with...

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