Archive: February 2022

mtxmar fig1

Flat suture of varying cross-section

A method of forming a suture having various cross-sectional shapes is disclosed by medical technologies corporation Stryker.

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mtxmar fig2

Bandages or tapes with improved extensibility

Dressings, such as bandages or tapes that are extensible so as to conform to a body contour at a wound surface upon stretching of the...

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Coating for hospital fabrics kills coronavirus and E. coli

Canadian scientists have developed an inexpensive, non-toxic coating for almost any fabric that is claimed to decrease the infectivity of the virus that causes Covid-19...

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Natalie Wunder Laborarbeit

Reusable and biodegradable menstrual underwear wins award

Reusable and biodegradable menstrual underwear (so-called period pants) made with viscose fibres has been developed by a researcher working at Hof University of Applied Sciences.

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MIT Surgical Duct Tape01 PRESS 0

Surgical ‘duct tape’ as an alternative to sutures

US engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a strong, flexible and biocompatible sticky patch that can be easily and quickly applied to...

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