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Cartilage resurfacing implant restores hip-joint function

A dissolving implant containing cartilage derived from stem cells has been shown to reduce pain and restore hip-joint function to baseline levels in a study...

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3D BioFibR raises new capital to scale up manufacturing

Biomaterial manufacturing company 3D BioFibR has announced it has raised more than US$700,000 in an oversubscribed follow-on round.

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Device for treating jaundice of new-born or premature babies

A device for the treatment of patients by phototherapy is disclosed by French companies MDB Texinov of Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour and Deltaval of Lyon.

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Surgical suture materials with porous sheaths for drug delivery

Suture materials that facilitate the loading and sustained delivery of releasable components are disclosed by US researchers from Georgia Tech Research Corporation of Atlanta, Georgia,...

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Changing cross-sectional shapes of flat braided sutures

To enable the manufacture of a textile having more than one cross-sectional shape, methods, systems and devices for changing the cross-sectional sizes and/or shapes of...

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US contract to increase production of polyester-tipped swabs

US cotton swab manufacturer US Cotton has received a contract for US$6.

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virocoat face mask

Respirator mask range kills SARS-CoV-2 on contact

Lancaster, Lancashire, UK-based ViraCoat has launched a new range of antiviral and antimicrobial personal protective equipment masks that begin to kill SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses...

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Ocular antimicrobial drug delivery bandage

Contact lenses commonly become infected by bacteria and fungi, which can lead to large numbers of doctor and hospital visits annually, at a significant cost...

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Global healthcare fabrics market to reach US$16.1bn by 2026

Amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the global market for healthcare fabrics was estimated at US$10.

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Pad prevents recurring urinary tract infections

A pad that prevents recurring urinary tract infections and other infectious diseases has been developed by Tecuro Medical of Luzern, Switzerland.

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