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Koteks opens textile plant in Zavidovici

Koteks of Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has opened a branch in Zavidovici, in the former Stolicar plant that operated within Krivaja.

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Large cotton spinning factory to be built in Turkmenistan

The government of Turkmenistan, together with private investors, has started building a new cotton spinning factory, which is expected to be one of the largest...

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Cotton demand to rise as mills reopen in Myanmar

Demand for cotton in Myanmar is expected to rise and production likely to double owing to the reopening of government textile mills this year, say...

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Cambodian clothing workers to get 11% wage rise

Cambodia’s textile, clothing and footwear workers are to receive an 11% rise in minimum monthly wages from the beginning of next year.

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Growth for Indonesia's textile industry

The Indonesian Textile Association (API) believes the country’s textile industry could grow by 4-5% year on year in 2017, with exports hitting US$12. 3bn.

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Philippines manufacturing jobs departing for Vietnam

South Korean companies, the third-largest investor in the Philippines, are increasingly departing for Vietnam and other South East Asian destinations, driven by lower costs, red...

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Thai electricity authority launches power-saving label for fashion

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand has launched a “number 5” power-saving label to be given to textile and clothing producers that match specific power-saving...

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Danish clothing factory opened in Nam Dinh province

Denmark’s Spectre has opened a factory to produce outdoor sportswear in the northern Vietnamese province of Nam Dinh.

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Fashion brands expand presence in Russia

Several global fashion brands are expanding their production in Russia.

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Germany to provide loans for textile development in Ukraine

The German-Ukrainian Fund (GUF) together with Kredobank, which is part of Poland’s PKO BankPolski, have agreed to lend UAH1bn (US$37.

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