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Gloria Jeans announces ambitious future plans

Gloria Jeans, Russia’s leading apparel retailer, posted a 50% increase in sales in 2012, compared with 2011, to RUB23. 3bn (US$753m).

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Mascot begins construction of new manufacturing facilities in Laos

Workwear supplier Mascot International is now in the process of building additional manufacturing facilities in Laos.

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Adidas to compensate Indonesian clothing factory workers

Adidas has agreed to compensate 2,800 Indonesian clothing workers owed US$1. 8m in severance pay following the closure of the Kizone sportswear factory.

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H&M clothing linked to Cambodian factory collapse

A factory where a shelter collapsed last month injuring 23 people was making clothing for Swedish fashion retailer H&M without its knowledge, the company has...

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Phillipine silk industry seeking export markets

The Philippines’ silk industry needs capital and government support in terms of promotion to take advantage of the huge global market, a government official said.

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Compliant garment makers in Laos have problems with labour

There is something enigmatic about the high worker turnover that is typical for the Lao clothing industry (on average 40-60% annually).

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Major brands implicated in toxic water scandal in Indonesia

Greenpeace International investigations have revealed the dumping of industrial wastewater containing toxic and hazardous chemicals, and caustic water, directly into the Citarum River, West Java,...

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Trikotaza Ivkovic to invest in new factory

Last year, Serbian knitting factory Trikotaza Ivkovic recorded a 30% growth in business, opened a company in the US, started exporting to the UK, Denmark...

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Russian government to stimulate linen, cotton and wool production

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government to design and implement a set of measures aimed at stimulating domestic production of linen, cotton, wool...

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Turkish investor acquires wool factory in Bulgaria

Turkish company Altinmarka is the new owner of the wool processing factory in Parvomay, which was acquired for BGN9. 3m (US$6. 1m).

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