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e textiles 2022c

E-Textiles 2022: first call for papers

The 4th International Conference on the Challenges, Opportunities, Innovations and Applications in Electronic Textiles (E-Textiles 2022) is now accepting abstract submissions.

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Conductive ink for printed e-textiles

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University, a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, have developed an inexpensive way to transform an ordinary shirt into...

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Multifunctional woven smart textile display

An international team of scientists led by the UK’s University of Cambridge have produced a fully woven smart textile display that integrates active electronic, sensing,...

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borstkas High

Partnership for remote health monitoring

With the market for medical health patch applications estimated to reach US$10bn by 2024, Henkel Printed Electronics and printed electronics specialist Quad Industries are strengthening...

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2020 01 24 110952 DSCF8074 STUeRMER FOTO final 72

Sensor belt enables early detection of dementia

A team of Swiss researchers, together with clinical partners, is developing a new diagnostic tool that can detect the first signs of neurodegenerative changes, such...

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Electrospun patch delivers insulin efficiently

A prototype electrospun insulin-loaded patch that could be stuck comfortably to the inside of a person’s cheek, where it can deliver insulin in a less-invasive...

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lee patternLO

E-textiles embedded in horse slickers to monitor chronic disease

A team of engineers and veterinarians at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, have embedded the liner of horse slickers with nanomaterials to gauge whether...

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E-textiles power supply: turning fabrics into batteries

In a recent webinar organised by the UK-based E-Textiles Network, Dr Sheng Yong of the UK’s University of Southampton discussed the types of energy storage...

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Leibniz IPHT 83792

Materials for electricity generation and temperature regulation

Researchers in Germany are developing a textile-based, self-sufficient energy supply that aims to provide mobile electronic devices worn close to the body with energy –...

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Somalytics CES 2022 SomaSense 3D health tech floor mat top foot view adj x1000

Nano-based capacitive sensors unveiled at CES 2022

Somalytics introduced two products based on its carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors at CES 2022, the world’s largest electronics show held in Las Vegas, Nevada,...

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20211223 1 fig2

Water vapour plasma for wearable electronics

A method for improving the flexibility of ultra-thin electronics, such as those used in bendable devices or clothing, has been developed by researchers at the...

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figure 1 1639672640431 x2

Controlled design of printed electronics with 2D materials

Scientists have shown how electricity is transported in printed two-dimensional (2D) materials, paving the way for the design of new types of devices that could...

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iga weglinska iga weglinska  emotional clothing mila lapko 10

Smart garments change colour based on mood

A Polish designer that specialises in human–garment interactions has launched a clothing collection that changes colour depending on body temperature, stress levels, movements and even...

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MIT Fiber Battery 01 Press 0

World’s longest flexible fibre battery

Modern batteries will need to overcome numerous hurdles to power new technologies, such as flexible gadgets, electric vehicles and medical devices.

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venting patch

Sweat-activated vents release heat in clothing

Materials scientists at the USA’s Duke University have developed a lightweight material that traps thermal energy when dry but opens a series of tiny vents...

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Smart textiles for medical applications

Textiles equipped with electronics offer many advantages for applications close to the body compared with conventional medical electronics: they are flexible, breathable and comfortable and...

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