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Stroke patient helped to walk by high-tech trousers

A stroke survivor in the UK is learning to walk independently again owing to high-tech trousers powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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Smart socks could transform dementia care

A sock that combines sensors with artificial intelligence could help care staff detect agitation and prevent falls in people with dementia.

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Wearables will transform health, but change brings challenges

Wearable technology presents immense opportunities to improve the way people live their lives, but a group of international researchers say the rapidly developing field also...

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MIT Cancer Ultrasound 01 press 0

Wearable ultrasound scanner could detect breast cancer earlier

To improve the overall survival rate for breast cancer patients, US researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have designed a wearable ultrasound device that...

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Preparing spacesuits article

How will astronauts keep their underwear clean on the Moon?

With astronauts gearing up for a return to the Moon, possibly as soon as 2025 with the planned Artemis mission, scientists are looking into the...

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vibrating vests3

Vibrating vests translate music for deaf concertgoers

Haptic suits, designed to enable concertgoers who are deaf or hard of hearing to experience orchestral music, are being developed as initiatives to improve inclusivity...

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Thermoregulating fabric keeps wearers comfortable

A thermoregulating textile has been developed that keeps wearers comfortable with a minimal amount of energy input owing to a conductive polymer that can be...

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Prototype stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery

A team of University of Houston researchers have developed a prototype of a fully stretchable fabric-based lithium-ion battery.

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Printed graphene electrodes for textile-embedded TENGs

Researchers from Portugal’s Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores – Microsistemas e Nanotecnologias (INESC MN), Universidade de Lisboa and the UK’s University of Exeter...

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Apple granted patent for smart fabric watchband

US technology company Apple has been granted a patent for its smart fabric-based Apple Watch band with an integrated sensor for touch control of apps...

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Kilobots in mesh

Stretchable robotic fabrics can shrink, grow in size and move with precision

Robotic fabrics that can shrink, grow in size and move with precision are becoming a reality owing to new research by scientists at the UK’s...

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bioknit myocrete

Futuristic eco-building designs using fungal networks

Scientists hoping to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry have developed a way to “grow” building materials using knitted moulds and the root...

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robo glove piano newsdesk

Robotic glove helps stroke patients relearn to play music

A new study has revealed the potential of a soft robo-glove in helping stroke patients to relearn dexterous tasks such as playing music.

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smart pants

Fibre optic smart pants offer low-cost way to monitor movements

With an ageing global population comes a need for new sensor technologies that can help clinicians and caregivers remotely monitor a person’s health.

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Intelligent patch for remote monitoring of pregnancy

With the help of novel wearables and smart textiles, researchers in the EU-funded Newlife project aim to enable continuous obstetric monitoring in everyday life.

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Smart patch could improve patients’ sleep

A Danish start-up has developed a new smart sensor for monitoring patients, which is undergoing trials with patients at the Psychiatric Research Unit at the...

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